What is the Required Insurance for Moving Companies in Ontario

When hiring moving companies, it is best to be clear on what is included in your moving quote as not all moving companies are alike.  One of the red flags recently issued by the Better Business Bureau warns consumers about movers who claim all items are covered by their insurance. And some moving companies may claim that they are “Fully Insured”. So what does fully insured mean? What is the minimum requirement for mover’s insurance coverage in Ontario? And what type of damages is covered under a mover’s insurance policy?

According to the provincial law for movers, under the condition of carriage, movers must have commercial liability insurance.  The minimum liability of loss or damage insurance is $0.60/lb per item.  Therefore, fully insured often means insured to the minimum mandated requirement.

What are Movers Liable For During a Move?

Often times you may think the moving insurance should cover ANY damages done during the move.  However, this is not the case.  Below are things that are and are not insured.


  • Damages to furniture while it is being handled and transported by the movers. Movers are to securely wrap and protect all furniture before moving.
  • Damages done to the property during the move. Movers are expected to maneuver moving boxes and furniture with utmost care to avoid possible accidents.
  • Items inside a moving box that was packed by the moving company.

Not Insured:

  • If items inside a box was damaged during a move and the box was NOT packed by the moving company, the moving company is not liable for it. Movers are only liable for items packed inside boxes if they were professionally packed by the moving company.

Additional Insurance Coverage

In the event you want to insure a higher value for your items (for example if you are moving expensive paintings, grand piano or antiques), you can inquire if the moving company can purchase additional insurance on your behalf. Note that moving companies do not sell insurance but may purchase additional coverage on your behalf.

If you wish to purchase additional coverage, you will have to provide an estimated value of the goods and the movers will call their insurance company to add extra coverage for the estimated amount and you will pay for the additional coverage.

Ask Your Mover About Their Insurance Coverage

Before you hire a mover and sign on the dotted line, make sure you ask if the moving company has insurance. And understand what type of insurance they have, as sometimes movers will claim they have insurance, but they are just referring to having insurance on their truck instead of the cargo inside the truck.

At Boxed Inn, we have you covered. All our movers are professionals and will take great care of all items being transported. However, accidents sometimes happen, and below is our proof of our liability insurance for your reference.