Essential Packing Items for a Successful Move

We all agree, moving is not a fun task.  But with some smart planning and early packing of non-essential items, the stress of moving can be minimized. The amount of time it takes to pack your belongings will vary, and the size of your home is typically an indication of how much stuff you have to pack. Packing up a bachelor apartment may take a few days and a handful of moving boxes and supplies. However, consolidating, sorting and organizing items of a 3-story townhouse could take weeks, if not months, especially if you have been at your home for a long time.

To make packing more efficient, it is handy to have some core items handy. Below is the list of essential moving supplies for a successful move:

  1. Moving boxes come in different sizes to accommodate various items like books, lamps, pots and pans etc. One thing to keep in mind is to not over stuff a box and limit the weight to the suggested weight capacity (generally 50 lbs) for each box size. This will prevent the box from breaking and/or in the event you have to move it yourself, you will be able to lift it. For heavier or more valuable items, consider using double-walled boxes for more strength and stability.
  2. Specialty boxes are exactly what the name suggests, special boxes for certain items. For example, there are wardrobe boxesthat is made with a rod inside so you can just transfer your hung clothes into the box without having to remove the hangers or folding.
  3. Bubble wraps are essential to a break free move. If wrapped properly, glass, fine china and all the fragile items will be protected from unforeseen accidents.
  4. Foam wraps, like bubble wraps, provide protection to items that are prone to breaking or scratching. It is thinner than bubble wrap which allows you to fit more wrapped items in a single moving box. It also provides thermal insulation thus making it a better choice for temperature sensitive items like TV, computers etc.
  5. Packing paper is used to fill in gaps or spaces to minimize the movement within the box. It can also be used to wrap or line fragile items (dishes, plates etc.) to avoid scratches that can be caused by the friction when the boxes are moved.
  6. Packing tape goes without saying, is a key item when it comes to packing. It is used to seal boxes and hold bubble, foam or packing paper in place when they are used to wrap items. Packing tape is stronger than normal tape and it doesn’t have the cloth backing that duck tapes have making it easier to undo from your boxes.

As one can imagine, the amount required for each essential moving item will vary greatly depending on the size of the house and amount of items you have to pack. To take the guessing out of this, Boxed Inn has moving kits available for different property sizes. Visit our moving kits page to view the available options. In the event you require additional moving supplies, we also offer them as ‘a la carte’ items. If you need pointers on how to pack more efficiently, check out our “How to Pack Like a Pro” article. Happy Packing!