What’s the Difference Between Single vs Double Walled Moving Boxes

There are many ways to make moving be less stressful.  Planning in advance is key, and we’ve highlighted some tips and moving checklists, as well as talked about packing tips and the importance of using specially-designed boxes to make the packing easier. In this article, we focus on the actual boxes itself and which type of best of moving.

Boxes comes in all shapes and sizes and picking the right size box will help make moving day go smoothly. At Boxed Inn, the general boxes range from 1.5 cubic ft box up to 6 cubic ft box, with the most popular size box being the 2 cubic ft box as it can easily fit general household items.

Difference between Single and Double Wall Boxes

From a material perspective, the best boxes are the corrugated cardboard boxes due to their affordability, light weightiness, versatility and strength.  Single and double-walled corrugated boxes are the most popular for used in moving. Single walled boxes are constructed using three layers of paper, with the middle layer glued in a wavy pattern to the outer layers to provide the strength and shock absorption for the box. Double-walled boxes are constructed using five layers of paper, with two wavy-layers in the middle, giving it the added strength and stability.

Double-walled corrugated moving boxes are the better option for heavier items, or for more higher-valued items when you need to added protection.  Of course, you can also further protect your personal items by using bubble wrap for extra cushioning.

At Boxed Inn, we carry a large selection of single-walled and double-walled moving boxes.  You are welcome to visit our store at 1268 The Queensway (at Kipling) or shop online for pickup or delivery.